Sunday, August 9, 2009

fifteen minute fiction

I've started a new writing habit. To warm up every day, I'm writing a quick piece of flash fiction. I was inspired by an old LiveJournal group called 15minuteficlets (or something like that). When I was writing Harry Potter fan fiction (back in the day) I used 15minuteficlets every day. They give a word, and you have 15 minutes to write a short story based on or inspired by that. So now, I open up my handy dictionary, cover my eyes and point at a word. So far, it works nicely to warm me up, and I look forward to it. It also assures that I have about a page or so written every day. It lets me get out bits and pieces of the characters' histories without having to write a whole story. I like it. It's kinda fun.

Wrote Jacob's character profile and started on Kesstrel's. Since Liselle's gone, that cuts down one of the major profiles, but I'm still going to write a miniature one.

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