Friday, November 20, 2009

a day in the life

I have been thinking, and it has come to my attention that you could not pay me to step into the shoes of my characters. They're more attractive than me, have better clothes and interesting eye colors. Some of them were royal or noble, much higher social stature than I, but still... I could not be bribed to be any one of them in real life, in their real lives, for even a day.

Jessica, for example. She was a princess at the beginning of the story. She's smart, vivacious, confident, and lovely. But her mother tries to kill her, and her country condemns her. After she has worked hard to pick up the leadership and do things that are actually good for the country, they condemn her.

Daniel seems normal on the outside, but he has the biggest secret of all. He's haunted by the dead, and he's practically possessed by his Other, but nobody can know.

Kesstrel has seen and watched the only person she loved die. And then when she opened herself to caring about another, he died, too.

Drei lives a double life, and uses people. He knows he's heartless, but he's too selfish to care. He's overwhelmed with the need for vengeance, and whenever guilt takes hold, he ruins all he has worked for.

Harley is the reason her family members are being killed and why her caravan keeps getting uprooted. And she knows it.

Riley has been living in someone else's shadow all his life, and the only way he can be recognized is to dispose of her. She is his idol, and destroying her would kill him.

Liselle wasted her life trying to prove she was worthwhile, and now she will never realise her dreams.

Jacob is living a lie, because he doesn't trust anybody. He found the bodies of his mother and brothers dead. The only person he ever loved, he cannot be seen with.

Winnifred is a puppet for her mother's amusement, and when she finally escapes, she's lost in the real world because she doesn't understand it. She hears voices constantly.

Jylouna is forced to live every day with the thing she is most afraid of.

Sean is powerless, and he knows he is powerless, and he hates it. He knows he is a gamepiece.

Did I miss any of them? These are brief statements, but they are the things that the characters fall asleep thinking about at night. Their driving purpose to keep trying, even though they know the truth. The thoughts that haunt them when they die. The secrets they can't tell anybody.

I have my faults, I have my secrets. I can handle them. You couldn't pay me to trade with any single one of my characters.

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